Online-Live or Recorded &
Studio Classes

Online – Live or Recorded &
Studio Classes

Online (Live or Pre-Recorded)
Studio Classes in Midleton / East Cork
Strengthen / Stretch / Relax

  • Class Plan:
    • Classes are between 45 and 60 Minutes.
    • Structure of Class – a full body strength plan with a deep stretch to prevent injury and a relaxation piece to quieten a busy mind.   
    • Class Plans change every 6 weeks for best results. 
    • You will feel amazing.
  • Benefits for You: 
    • Burn body fat and improve lean muscle.
    • Increase your energy levels and build resilience.  A strong body will filter into all areas of your life, your confidence will grow and you will cope better with life’s stresses. 
    • You will achieve outstanding results, making you physically and mentally stronger in your family and work life as well as in your running and sport while preventing injury.
  • Suitable For: 
    • Beginners to advanced.  If you are a beginner modifications are given for difficult exercises. 
    • Online are ideal for busy parents.
    • Runners to avoid stop, start training from injury include your strength training.   
  • Equipment for Online Class:
    • A Kettlebell or set of Dumbbells, some use Water Bottles. 
    • A Mat and Towel.
    • A Kitchen Chair (sometimes, not always).
    • Water to drink and a smile. 
  • Camera and Noise
    • Camera can be on or off, it’s a personal choice. 
    • Pam will mute all so you don’t need to worry about background noise.
  • Equipment for Studio Class:  
    • A Kettlebell or set of Dumbbells. 
    • A Mat and Towel.
    • Water to drink and a smile.
  • No Pressure:  Bring the energy you have to the class and do your best for you. 
  • Price:
    • Online – €6.00 for the live or recorded or get a bargain and bulk buy 10 for €50.00. 
    • Studio – Classes run for 6 week blocks, get in touch to book.

Online Classes Live
and Pre-Recorded


Studio Classes


Strength Training for Runners and Clubs


Class Timetables


Pam works with Running clubs, Gymnastics clubs, Teenagers, Older Adults and everything in between. Pam has seen the positive impact Strength and Conditioning classes achieve at every stage of life and the benefits of incorporating a strength programme into your life and training plan.

  • Runners and Teams will gain an advantage when strength training as they will improve performance, train more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Kids and Teenagers can struggle with anxiety. Exercise is the most under used anti depressant. Pam gives out the important message to kids and teenagers that exercise will always make them feel better and it is a great way to offload feelings of anxiety.
  • Older Adults will improve balance and bone strength while staying independent for longer. They will experience the social interaction that is even more important at this stage of life.  Strong muscles achieved in weekly classes will protect joints and bones.

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