Pam is a superb trainer. She is a fantastic communicator and explains all aspects of the exercises with great clarity and outlines all the muscles and body parts that are being worked. She is extraordinarily committed, enthusiastic and positive. You will feel uplifted and rejuvenated after her classes. A must for anyone with a busy life- time out doing Pam’s classes is invaluable!

Muireann Curtin

Pam’s classes never disappoint. I attend her online Strength and conditioning class twice/three times a week and it is one hour of safe, balanced exercises that cover all muscle groups. I finish her classes feeling on top of the world. I love that she changes up the types of exercises as the weeks go on so that the classes are interesting. Pam is great at motivating me during the classes and that is especially needed with the online classes.

Gillian Fitzgerald

PB Fitness classes are brilliant. I have been doing online strength and conditioning classes since March and they are wonderful. Pam is very knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. Her classes are well thought out and planned and cater for all levels. Pam explains all aspects of the workout and really encourages everyone. I love the convenience of working out from home and how easy the classes are to book. I would highly recommend PB Fitness.

Una Kirwan

Pam is a fantastic trainer and caters to all fitness levels, ages and capabilities. You never feel intimidated or embarrassed in the class as Pam encourages you to work at your own pace and always gives variations of exercises so that you will always manage something! I like that Pam explains what muscles we are working and the benefits of the exercises we are doing. Pam changes her class plans every few weeks so it’s all fun and exciting and never boring. I always look forward to Pam’s classes.

The online classes are amazing and you still feel like apart of the class even though you are working out at home. Pam watches our technique whether it’s in person or online and ensures we are doing the exercises correctly so we don’t get injured or that our efforts aren’t in vain! The pace of the class is reasonable as Pam does the class herself too so she can gauge how many reps etc are realistic. In the face to face classes, there is always a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I’d highly recommend attending Pam’s classes. She will motivate you to achieve whatever your goals are.

Joy Higgins

Pams classes are super. There are 3 on line classes a week that are extremely easy to book and the classes are amazing. Pam is an excellent instructor who always gives clear instructions. Pam changes the class format every few weeks, so the classes always stay interesting. I highly recommend PB fitness!

Mary Fox

I’ve been doing classes with Pam now for over 12 months, starting in studio to online classes and now outdoor. Huge thanks for keeping us motivated and positive online during restrictions. A bit of normality during madness. Pam’s positivity and brilliant instruction keeps me motivated and clear headed for the entire class. Even my kids are tuning in for online classes so great fun for the entire family. Thanks p.b fitness.

Nicola Keeler

I have been doing Pam’s classes online twice a week since March & previous to that once a week. I really can’t say enough about this lady. She is so positive & a fantastic trainer. Her positivity every week is so uplifting. These classes really got me through lockdown & now im back working I feel so much stronger & have loads of energy. I would highly recommend these classes ????

Vickie Sheehan

I joined Pam’s outdoor classes in midleton on a Tuesday and Thursday night a few weeks back! I can honestly say they are one of the best classes I have been to! Pam changes up the classes every few weeks so you are not using the same muscles all the time which is great for me as I do a lot of running! Defo 5 star rating from me ??Thanks Pam.

Zita Hallissey

I have been doing Pams classes since last September and I can honestly say they have made me a stronger, healthier and fitter person. I do a lot of running so the strength and conditioning is what I was really missing.. The classes are so motivational and can be as challenging as you want them to be. I always feel great positive vibes from Pams classes Healthy mind, Healthy body. Pam is a fantastic fitness instructor and very understanding to people’s needs I would highly recommend Pams classes to anyone.

ashling cody

Only in the class a few weeks and I can see a difference in my figure already and I’ve gone from a 4kg to a 6kg kettlebell already (at my own pace) which I personally can’t believe! Best class ever and I highly recommend it. Pamela is very encouraging too which is a huge help.

Leah McSweeney