Strength Training
for Runners & Clubs

Strength Training for Runners & Clubs

Are you tired of stop / start training due to injury?  Strength and Conditioning is crucial to training long term without interruption.  

  • Pam has a background in running and has completed 14 full marathons and many other races.   She has qualified for the Boston marathon 2024 and is also running the Berlin marathon 2024.
  • Earn an advantage at the end of your race and get across that line in a great time with Pam’s full body strength and conditioning classes. 
  • When your running muscles are fatigued the strength in other body parts will get you to the finish line upright and strong.  
  • Pam’s Strength and Conditioning classes achieve fantastic results with the goal being to strengthen muscles, bones, joints, ligaments and tendons.  
  • Just some of the advantages include:
    • Strength in your lower body for better performance on hills, flat and to run at a faster pace. 
    • A strong core will keep your posture good, shoulders back and help you to breathe easier and run more efficiently. 
    • Stronger bones, joints, muscles and ligaments to keep you strong and avoid injury.

Strength Train to Reduce the Risk of Injury

Strength Training is often the missing link for runners to allow them run long term uninterrupted.  It will compliment your running and enable you to run more efficiently with better posture.  Pam understands runners just want to run, but to continue doing what you love, strength training must be incorporated into your training plan.  Get to that finish line feeling good and hopefully with a new P.B.